ONE INFLAMED is a solo music project with the aim of releasing new original rock/grunge/singer-songwriter music to an audience of like minded people. 

Having grown up with the rock and grunge bands of the 90’s it is obvious ONE INFLAMED  is highly influenced by music of that era but hopefully you’ll agree, with its own original twist. 

Following a diagnosis of Autoimmune Arthritis that severely affected my fingers I experienced a period of 12 months or more where I could not play the guitar. Like anything, when you can no longer do something you realise how much you took it for granted. Eventually through natural interventions using diet and exercise (no pharma here, but that’s another story to be told) my overall inflammation levels dropped and my fingers improved to allow some brief (often painful) opportunities to play.  Once this happened I was determined to do a bit everyday almost as much as an arthritis exercise as anything else. I found that the physical act of playing the guitar was reversing the affects the arthritis had had on my hands. Not wanting to take it for granted again I decided I would go back over all the half tunes I had written over the years and finish them once and for all, even if cultural music tastes have changed, mine had not, there will always be a place for rock…And so ONE INFLAMED was born. 

I hope to stay on target for to release 2 or 3 singles in 2021 with an EP by the end of 2022 and an album to follow summer 2023. If you do happen across this site or the music of ONE INFLAMED  I hope you take a listen and enjoy. If you do enjoy and follow a link to Spotify or YouTube etc  a follow, like or share would be greatly appreciated.


And also, to be realistic, I would love for a proper big sounding band to cover and elevate one of my tracks if they were interested, it is currently just all me at home. So I am interested in songwriting for bands and fell free to contact me if any tune appeals or if you have a half idea that you think I could help with!

This site is very much in its infancy so do check back again please if there is little content. 

 Chat Soon